Eliminate low-used resources

Monitoring and tracking resources in real-time enables actions to be triggered automatically. Transportation is a rule-based, low exception and high volume job. Having full transparency over resources is key for optimization of low-used resources, reducing costs and running a fully automated business.

Invoice processing

Invoice automation is a critical part of a company’s procure-to-pay. Evaluating invoices against order records and criteria to ensure invoice validity, and extracting relevant details out of it is a very time consuming task which does not allow space for error. The whole process, being rule based, can be fully automated with the right BPA technology.


Effective communication with employees is a must for competitive logistics businesses. BPA can help by automatically sending notifications through the system to let employees know when a pickup is ready, processed, or postponed.

Predict and prepare

Planning demand and supply chain preparation are only successful if the forecasting process provides accurate data and analyses. Therefore, access to real-time integrated information from all stages of the supply chain planning is vital. By utilizing BPA, demand forecasting planners can ensure their data is accurate, and processes are streamlined.